The Power of “Yes, and…” for Teens with Autism

April 19, 2017
by Carol Moog, PhD
“Just be yourself!” Try telling that to a teen with autism! Much of the time when they’re just “being themselves” it’s all wrong and they’re always been told that they way they pass papers in class, answer when called on, eat lunch, make a joke, it’s “inappropriate” or “argumentative” or just plain “weird.”
But what if there was a new entry point into being yourself for teens with autism? As it turns out, the world of improvisational (improv) theater is rooted in one of the most powerful tools to help kids just be themselves. As a psychologist working with kids on the spectrum, I’ve used my background in improv for years. It works and it’s fun... Read More at New Harbinger Publications...

Purchase the Autism Playbook for Teens

click on the image to order Carol's new book from New Harbinger

click on the image to order Carol's new book from New Harbinger

About the Autism Playbook for Teens:

Teens with autism have the potential to be excellent actors. They are natural observers-able to study, imitate, and learn social behavior. The Autism Playbook for Teens is designed to bolster these strengths with mindfulness strategies and role-playing scripts, while also helping teens reduce anxiety, manage emotions, be more aware in the present moment, and connect with others.

This book offers a unique, strengths-based approach to help teens with autism spectrum (including Asperger's Syndrome) develop social skills, strengthen communication, and thrive. The activities contained in each chapter are custom-designed to work with the unique perspectives, sensory processing, neurological strengths and challenges that teens with autism bring to their encounters with the social world. By engaging in these activities, teens will gain an authentic awareness of their surroundings, leading to better social interaction that is also rewarding, interesting, and fun.

The delightful and creative activities in this book are grounded in well-documented clinical observations and current empirical studies. They also take into account the real neurological differences that exist in young people with autism, and focuses on the unique pathways needed to connect with and inspire these exceptional and fabulous teenagers.

This is the only book available for teens with autism that specifically integrates mindfulness skills and imaginative scripted role-playing activities for building authentic social experiences.

I was interviewed by Dr. Dan Gottlieb, Ph.D for Voices In The Family on WHYY, which you can listen to HERE or below.



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