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Autism Conference: Building Bridges through Self-Advocacy Across Lifespan

Join us for one of the region's most prestigious conferences that addresses the needs of professionals, parents and advocates alike! Registration includes breakfast, lunch and CE credits.

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Featuring Workshops with Carol Moog:

The Autism Playbook for Teens: A Strength Based Approach

PRIMARY AUDIENCE: Parents, professionals, teachers, and self-advocates

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION:The workshop will provide an overview of research on the benefits of mindfulness and ASD. Mindfulness refers to moment-to-moment full sensory awareness without judgment or reactivity. The presenters will engage participants in imagination-based mindfulness activities used to work with the perspectives, sensory processing, neurological strengths and challenges which teens on the autism spectrum bring to their encounters with the social world.

WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES: This program is designed to help you…

  • Articulate information about current research in the field of mindfulness.
  • Apply mindfulness techniques to calibrate their own response to any client situation.
  • Apply imagination-based mindfulness techniques to their work with children and teens on the autism spectrum.
  • Define the 3 levels of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

PM Dinosaurs, ASD, and Social Skills

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: A collaboration between CNN Hero Dr. Wendy Ross’ Autism Inclusion Resources (AIR) and the Academy of Natural Sciences yielded an innovation social skills group for Foundations’ Lifeworks students, matching expert museum education staff such as paleontologist Jason Poole and staff at the Academy with Drs. Mitchell and Moog. The results were nothing short of inspirational. This workshop will highlight the outcomes of the group, and share poignant stories experienced along the way. Development of self-advocacy skills and future transitions will be showcased.

WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES: This program is designed to help you…

  • Understand how pairing social skills interventions with key interests such as dinosaurs can enhance social skills development.
  • Explore new avenues for bringing autistic teens into higher levels of self-appreciation and solidarity in the autism community and their community as a whole.
  • Celebrate the strides made by students on the autism spectrum as they seek to represent the scientists of tomorrow.
  • Explore the factors that can lead to group identity formation and how these students met challenges that can translate to future social and vocational success.
  •  Examine multisystemic approaches for inclusion and integration of individuals on the spectrum across social, educational, and vocational systems.
Earlier Event: April 17
Carol Moog & Garry Cogdell
Later Event: May 2
Carol Moog and Gary Cogdell