Over the past 30 years, the medical world has seen an increase in the positive impact and popularity of mindfulness on health and well-being. As a physician, I have personally seen the impact of mindulness strategies on my patients and their families.

In The Autism Playbook for Teens, Dr. McHenry and Dr. Moog make mindfulness strategies accessible through simple, engaging explanations and exercises. The application of this book reduces the stress of interacting with the world, and reduces barriers to participation.

The Autism Playbook for Teens is a gift to families affected by autism and to anyone interested in overcoming stress and reaching their potential. If I had to recommend one thing for a toolkit for life, this book would be it.
— Wendy Ross, MD Director, Center for Pediatric Development Founder, Autism Inclusion Resources
I loved this book. As a child play therapist, I have been able to integrate many of these interventions into my practice with children of all ages. The book is so easy to read and it is not just for children with autism. Carol Moog and Irene McHenry are so knowledgeable and their passion for healing children shines throughout every page of the book. I highly recommend this book as I am an advocate for imagination, creativity and mindfulness.
— Amazon Review