Carol Moog, PhD, is a licensed psychologist with over 35 years of experience working with people of all ages. With emphasis on helping people with autism spectrum disorders, Dr. Moog's work is relationship-based and geared toward discovering unique personal resources, clarifying goals and building social skills. Founder of ImagineAct, she draws from her training and experience as a theater improvisor/actor, professional harmonica player and marketing communications consultant. 

Dr. Moog was recently the clinical director of the Social Learning Disorders Program at the University of Pennsylvania, where she ran the Social Skills Seminar for young adults, focusing on verbal and nonverbal communication using role-playing activities.

Dr. Moog has been the psychologist at The Miquon School since 1977 and, in partnership with theater director David Bradley, was an artist-in-residence at Green Tree School working with students on the autism spectrum. As a consultant to the Social Competency Program at the Center for Autism, she designed and conducted acting groups. 

Dr. Moog earned her BS in philosophy from Boston University and her MS and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. Her earliest clinical work was with inpatient populations at Haverford State Hospital and Crozer-Chester Hospital, where she developed a deep appreciation for the therapeutic power of relational attunement. 

Together with Irene McHenry, Dr. Moog recently co-authored  The Autism Playbook For TeensDr. Moog is the author of the William Morrow-published book, Are They Selling Her Lips? Advertising and Identity. In addition to contributing the chapter Ad Images and the Stunting of Sexuality in Images in Language, Media and Mind, edited by Roy F. Fox, she has published numerous articles in advertising and marketing communications journals. Dr. Moog has been interviewed by sources such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Newsweek, and The Philadelphia Inquirer and has enjoyed many guest media appearances, including on National Public Radio with Terry Gross, the Today Show, and Good Morning America.


Helping people find the creative, expressive and unusual resources within themselves to be who they authentically are when alone or when relating to others.